Wednesday, 16 November 2011

TO : Dear Vivienne Leong
B, I Really feel so shy and fuck up when I saw B point the middle finger pic to me.. Really long ad din write B a proper fb message.. 

1. I shud not mix up all the feeling .. expecially stress and tiredness.. 
cause I must know tat babe r tired ad well.. I am so SELFISH.. dun know hw to stand in babe's shoes and think..(THINK IN YOUR SHOES) I always make u angry because Of this .. 
Like just now .. If I think in babe's condition.. I shud not feel sad.. instead shud feel hapi and lucky because .. although B r tired.,., u willng to c me .and look for me .. it proves tat I am in ur heart.. 
WHO dun know hw to APPRECIATE it.. 

I think babe feel tat I am fan , tat why I start to chase u go and sleep.. dun wan u to scold me more... ---- so it bring to second problem..

2. SO EGO, wif gf.. I shud not be so.. .. when u scold me time.. sure it is true and u cannot stand on me.. if not u will not say like tat.. " about the issue I keep dragging babe "

I know I am wrong ad.. I shud just say sori.. B, let go sleep together gether.. shud not bring the emotion and other problems.. when come to talking wif babe .. 
I feel really really bad... pls forgive me B.. I feel tat I am not layan to be a Nan ren for B.. SO SO immature and dun know hw to control mood
>> and influnce by the external factors.. 
I will learn to be a better man tat can fit B.. 

Really feel bad.. I am no body.. but I am somebody because I had B.. 
I am not len chai.. cannot talk fluently, not rich... not caring enough ... not talented... all the thing oso know half half onli..
>> But, I got Babe's love .. wif unconditional and consistently.. wifout a stop..

I shud just sit down and think.. Am I worth it.. Am I worth for u to love me.. if i continue like this.. 

Babe. I reali insaf ad.. will study harder.. to be a knowledgeable person .. to be ur wikipedia.. ( u know ma.. it is really great when U ask me question and I can answer u and statisfy ur curiosity,., )

just now the hafiz senior said .. tat ..he realise .. I am good in cooking.. then he said my gf is lucky [Image] got me to help her next time in kitchen.. I feel so shame.. I am so bad.. I cannot fit the word.. 

My gf is not lucky to have a bad boy like me.. so childish... I will not do tat lagi.. 闹别扭wif B.. cause I know u love me .. and I cherish it.. 

I shud know this.. ”就是要疼你,不然一點屁用都沒有用

so I had fail ad.. 
if sayang u , I shud not make u angry 1. T.T
Wei Wen Ling

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