Monday, 9 June 2014

一个曾经属于我们共同的空间,记载着我们的点点滴滴,充满着我们的回忆=) 但;回忆总是美,人不可以只有回忆。 为着一份美好,奋斗,至少没有遗憾。 不想让人生留白~

醒醒吧! 失去 的美好〈没了就很好〉


It never too late to realise that you do actually Own a lot .. You must be the one to make yourself really worthy.. 
Pls, I beg you . pls .. be yourself.. Be true to yourself.. Whatever done is done, Look forward, Dun ever be the same 1 who give empty Promises.

If you promise to do it.. you must at least give it a try. It may be a FAILURE.  but, come on.. whonever fail .. Just TRIAL AND ERROR.

做一个男人,对自己的未来 《担当》  

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