Monday, 27 February 2012

Our 10 Months Anniversary

Vivienne Leong. ah B u know mah .. some hw we had go tru 10 MOnths together ad =) It was like 10 years for me. always feel like we did rili know each other for so long. and our way of communication was always so easy and more to "stable couple" tat had being so long together.

So so hapi to be wif u .. although we r far apart I strongly believe tat ..we had each other.. so deeply in out heart.. there r nothing gonna left 2 of us apart. rili .. I love u wif my life.. I will not let u regret for wat U had done wif me.. =)

will make u feel tat ur decision to choose me as ur Boy is always correct.. Love U .. and ask for ur apologies for being a Immature and bad temper Small boy .. Sumtime.. I rili feel bad for being a bad boy tat does nt worth ur love... and yet .. once and once u accept me and Be wif me tru all the sad and joy ..

Wif u life is so true.. we had our future in our own hand.. Wif the love and the bless from God.. we will be together forever.. I am nthing before I am wif u..

I hope I am sumthing nw.. wif ur love and care.. I rili grow.. Hope I am getting more and more mature and be the 1 tat U rili can trust and rely on..

thx for always take care of my feeling .. thinking about our future,. and think on behave of me.. to push be to be a better person. I am rili rili touch wif all the single move and though tat B had done..

I ♥ U nt 1 day.. nt 1 months , nt 1 years.. But 1 whole life.. ♥